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    3D Flowing Sand Art - Deep Sea Sandscape In Motion Display

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    Instantly get rid of your Stress 

    How does it work?

    • Create breathtaking mountains, valleys, and dunes. Or, just rotate the Deep Sea to create cascading moving sands. 

    • More air creates a slower flow of sand resulting in a delicate trickle of sand making more dramatic peaks and valleys.

    • Less air creates a faster flow of sand making dune shapes.

    • Best of all, these handcrafted art pieces are equipped with an air hole to last for years on end, allowing for you to regulate the amount of air in each sand picture so you can make the sand fall as fast or as slow as you want.

    Sit back and Enjoy & Relax

    Every time you turn the Dynamic Sand Picture Frame, you get a different image.

    It is fun and calming to watch the sand slowly falling and creating a uniquely beautiful scene

    Put it anywhere you want!

    The sand painting is suitable to be placed on the office desk to relax the eyes and soothe nerves; It is also suitable for living room, bedroom, office, study, reception, exhibition dressing, holiday dressing, etc. 





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